Our company leadership represents a strong combination of entrepreneurial creativity and technical competency that comes from years of experience working in our industry. This team is committed to optimizing value for both our customers and our stockholders.

  • Josh Comstock

    Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

    Josh has served as our Chief Executive Officer and as a member of our Board of Directors since he founded C&J in 1997; he was elected Chairman in February 2011. From December 2010 through October 2012, Josh also held the position of President, before passing it to Randy McMullen, our Chief Financial Officer.  Prior to starting C&J, Josh worked for J4 Oilfield Service, a test pump services company, where his primary responsibility was working in natural gas production as a service contractor for Exxon. Josh began his career working as a foreman on several specialized natural gas pipeline construction projects. Through this experience, he gained extensive knowledge and understanding of the gathering and transporting of natural gas.

  • Randy McMullen

    President, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Director

    Randy has served as our President since October 2012, and as our Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer and a member of our Board of Directors since joining us in August 2005. Prior to joining C&J, Randy held various positions with Credit Suisse First Boston, the GulfStar Group and Growth Capital Partners.  Randy graduated magna cum laude from Texas A&M University with a B.B.A. in Finance.

  • Don Gawick

    Chief Operating Officer

    Don has served as our Chief Operating Officer since October 2012.  He previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Casedhole Solutions, Inc., C&J's wireline business. Don started his oilfield career in 1979 with Schlumberger Ltd., over the course of which he has held numerous management positions with a focus on operations and marketing, included overseeing all of Schlumberger’s oilfield business segments. In addition, he has held senior leadership positions in oilfield services in sales, business and new technology development, service delivery and Health-Safety-Environmental management, with assignments throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Europe, the Far East and Latin America. Don ’s most recent assignments with Schlumberger were as Global Wireline Account Manager from October 2009 until March 2010, and as North America Wireline Marketing, New Technology and Cased Hole Business Development Manager from 2005 until 2009 (he was responsible for South America as well during 2005 and 2006).  He moved to Casedhole as President and Chief Executive Officer in March 2010.  Don graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1979 with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

  • James H. Prestidge, Jr.

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Jim joined us in April 2013 as President-International Infrastructure Development, and in April 2014 he became our Chief Strategy Officer. He has extensive international experience in the oil and gas services industry, and with a proven capability of managing operating and relationship issues in challenging governmental, regulatory and service environments globally.  Jim currently also serves as a director and chairman of the board of Continental Intermodal Group, a position he has held since October 1, 2013. Prior to joining C&J, Jim served at Halliburton Energy Services from January 1981 through his retirement in December 2012. Over the course of his career at Halliburton, Jim acted as, among other positions, Vice President-HSE and Service Quality (February 2011 through December 2012) in Houston, Texas where he was responsible for Halliburton’s global health, safety and environment program, as well as quality operations with over 70,000 employees in over 70 countries; Vice President-Asia Pacific Region (January 2010 through January 2011) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he managed total operations for 12 product service lines and support functions throughout the region; Vice President-Special Projects Iraq Development (January 2009 through December 2009) in Cairo Egypt, where he led negotiations and strategy related to the startup deployment of field operations and infrastructure in Iraq; Vice President-Africa Region (January 2007 through December 2008) in Cairo Egypt where he managed total operations for 12 product service lines and support functions throughout the region; Vice President-Production Enhancement (January 2003 through December 2006) in Houston, Texas where he was responsible for global production enhancement operations, including hydraulic fracturing and coiled tubing services; and Vice President-Southern Region (January 2001 through December 2002) in Houston, Texas. Jim earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University and an Executive M.B.A. from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Ted Moore

    Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

    Ted has served as our Executive Vice President since October 2012, and as our General Counsel and Corporate Secretary since February 2011. Prior to that time, Ted practiced corporate law at Vinson & Elkins L.L.P. from 2002 through January 2011. Ted represented public and private companies and investment banking firms in numerous capital markets offerings and mergers and acquisitions, primarily in the oil and gas industry. He received a B.A. in Political Economy from Tulane University and a J.D. from Tulane Law School.

  • Pat Bixenman

    President - Research & Technology

    Pat has served as our President-Research and Technology since October 2012. He has over 27 years of experience in the oilfield services industry working for Schlumberger Ltd in engineering and manufacturing. He also has over 20 years of experience in management.  Pat’s product knowledge is diverse having contributed to technology developments in wireline formation testing, coiled tubing, sand control tools, electrical submersible pumps, completions products, drill stem testing and subsea landing strings.  He remains involved in the creative process and is a named inventor on over 30 US patents.  Pat has built teams for emerging product lines and has managed large engineering and manufacturing facilities.  Pat’s educational background is in Mechanical Engineering with degrees from Tennessee Technological University and Rice University.

  • Lance Dunn

    Senior Vice President - Sales & Marketing

    Lance has served as our Senior Vice President–Sales & Marketing since October 2012. From July 2010 through October 2012, he served as Casedhole’s Vice President–Sales & Marketing. Lance has over 30 years of oilfield experience, focused mainly in wireline sales and marketing. For the last 15 years, Lance has held sales management positions in the U.S., the Middle East, Far East and in Europe. His last assignment was with Schlumberger as the Wireline Sales Manager for U.S. Onshore, managing a sales force of approximately 100 employees across all land basins, with multiple city and field sales managers reporting to him. Lance brings deep experience in sales force development and coordination, market analysis, and strategic planning to Casedhole. He graduated from Cornell University in 1979 with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Ed Keppler

    Senior Vice President - Corporate Oilfield Operations

    Ed has served as our Senior Vice President - Corporate Oilfield Operations since July 2013. He is focusing on tactical operational issues across all of our service lines, including streamlining standard operating procedures within each service line, structuring and implementing training for supervisor and manager level employees, working with our QHSE department on training and safety awareness, and certifications and competency testing for all of our field based personnel.  He previously served as the President of our wireline business, Casedhole Solutions, from October 2012 through July 2013, having joined Casedhole Solutions as its Vice President and General Manager for the North Region in May 2010. Prior to joining Casedhole Solutions, Mr. Keppler was employed by Schlumberger from 1991 through 2010, where he gained significant wireline experience in the North American market with extensive expertise in cased-hole operations, perforating, open-hole logging, and wellbore formation sampling. While employed by Schlumberger, Ed held numerous key management positions, including wireline district manager in six different locations, regional operations manager for the state of Alaska, Engineering Sustaining Manager and Cased-Hole Service Delivery Manager for the U.S. Ed’s last position before joining Casedhole was Global Wireline Technical Support Manager for Weatherford. He graduated from New Mexico State University with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1990.

  • Mike Hobbs

    Senior Vice President – Corporate Operational Development

    Mike has served as our Senior Vice President–Corporate Operational Development since October 2012. He is focused on structural and strategic issues within each of our service lines, including integration within each of our service lines as it relates to maintenance, equipment best practices, corporate systems, facilities and new business opportunities.  This position has been created to ensure that we are consistently operating at the highest levels in the industry across all of our service lines. Following our acquisition of our wireline business, Casedhole Solutions in June 2012 through October 2012, he served as Vice President – Operations for Casedhole. Mike joined Casedhole in April 2010 as Vice President and General Manager for the South region, before being promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Mike has over 30 years experience in the oilfield service industry, with 27 years spent in wireline service, the first fourteen of which were with Schlumberger in numerous operational and management positions in the Permian Basin. After leaving Schlumberger in 1997, Mike founded E.M. Hobbs, Incorporated where he was influential in the development and implementation of many of the multi-stage completion procedures and techniques that are currently used today within the wireline service industry. Mike grew a one-wireline unit and two-employee business based in Sonora, Texas into a 21-wireline unit business with 120 employees working out of five locations in Texas and New Mexico. Mike left the company shortly after selling to WH Energy and the name of the company was changed to Enertech Wireline, which was subsequently sold to Smith and most recently became part of Schlumberger.

  • Billy Driver

    Senior Vice President – Hydraulic Fracturing

    Billy has served as our Senior Vice President-Hydraulic Fracturing since October 2012.  He joined C&J in August 2007 as Vice President-Hydraulic Fracturing and he has been instrumental in overseeing the operational growth and success of this division. Billy continues to be responsible for our hydraulic fracturing division. Billy has 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining our company, he worked for Halliburton in the capacity of equipment operator, service supervisor, field service quality coordinator, operations manager and camp manager from August 1990 to August 2007.

  • Mike McCoy

    Senior Vice President – Coiled Tubing

    Mike joined us as Vice President—Coiled Tubing in April 2012 and was promoted to Senior Vice President-Coiled Tubing in October 2012. He is responsible for our coiled tubing operations. Mike has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas services industry and has managed coiled tubing operations throughout the U.S, working for Halliburton/Otis Engineering, BJ Services/Baker Hughes, Express Energy Services and Integrated Production Services, a division of Complete Production Services. From December 2008 through April 2012, Mike was employed by Integrated Production Services where he served as Area Region Manager for Coiled Tubing until the Complete Production Services and Superior Energy Services merger, at which point he was promoted to Region General Manager for the Northern Region. From April 2006 through December 2008, Mike served as President of Coiled Tubing and Snubbing Service for Express Energy Services, a privately held company, having started both of these product lines for Express and grown them to multiple units and districts. Mike has extensive experience operating in most of the shale plays in North America, and tremendous knowledge of coiled tubing and associated equipment, where many of his improvements to equipment are still used.

  • Tim Wallace

    Senior Vice President - Casedhole Solutions

    Tim has served as Senior Vice President – Casedhole Solutions since July 2013. Following the acquisition of our wireline business, Casedhole Solutions, in June 2012 through June 2013, he served as Vice President - Wireline Operations. He joined Casedhole Solutions in October, 2011 as the Southwest Regional Wireline Operations Manager.  Before arriving at Casedhole Solutions, Tim spent 28 years with Schlumberger.  While at Schlumberger, Tim held positions in operations management, sales management, software project management, corporate sales, field sales, and field operations at various locations in North America, with extensive travel overseas.  Tim graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering in 1984.

  • Barry Beadle

    President – Total Equipment And Service

    Barry has served as the President of Total Equipment And Service since 2004, when he founded the company. Prior to C&J’s acquisition of Total in April 2011, he also served as Total’s chief executive officer and as a member of its board of directors. Through Total, Barry runs our equipment manufacturing business, whereby we manufacture hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, pressure pumping and other equipment used in the energy services industry, as well as provide equipment repair services and sell oilfield parts and supplies to third-party customers, in addition to meeting our own internal needs. Prior to founding Total, Barry spent over ten years working in various roles for several oilfield equipment manufacturing, repair and refurbishment companies, including HydraRig/National Oilwell Varco, Texas Equipment and Stewart & Stevenson.

  • Patrick Schneider

    Vice President - Hydraulic Fracturing

    Pat joined us as Vice President - Hydraulic Fracturing in May 2013.  He comes to C&J with over 25 years experience in the oilfield services industry, having starting started his career in 1987 with (then) Dowell Schlumberger.  During his tenure with Schlumberger, Pat held numerous pressure pumping and coiled tubing positions, including middle and senior management and global support roles throughout the United States, UK and Canada.  His responsibilities at Schlumberger included site operations, training and development, technical sales, marketing and business development.  Pat left Schlumberger in 2008 to join Weatherford International as Region Business Unit Manager for Pressure Pumping – North America. In 2010 he moved from Weatherford to Calfrac Well Services as Vice President – US Division, where he served until joining us in 2013.  Pat holds a degree in Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

  • Brandon D. Simmons

    Vice President - Coiled Tubing

    Brandon has been with our company since 2001, primarily as an operational manager of our coiled tubing unit. Brandon has served as our Vice President—Coiled Tubing since 2005. Brandon operated the first Stewart & Stevenson coiled tubing unit ever built and has a complete mechanical knowledge of coiled tubing units and supporting equipment. Brandon has been heavily involved in the design of our coiled tubing units. Prior to joining our company, Brandon spent eight years with Superior Energy and Preeminent Coiled Tubing Services operating coiled tubing units.

  • Jeremy Kinslow

    Vice President - Wireline

    Jeremy has served as Vice President  – Wireline since September 2013. He joined Casedhole in November 2012 as the Southwest Region Operations Manager. Prior to joining Casedhole, Jeremy spent 13 years with Schlumberger where he held positions in operations, operations management, product development, human resources, and corporate acquisition integration. These positions were in locations across the US and involved multiple business segments including Wireline, Coiled Tubing, and Slickline. Jeremy graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1999.

  • Chris Williams

    Vice President - Pumping Operations

    Chris has served as Vice President - Pumping Operations for Casedhole Solutions since September 2013. He joined Casedhole in August of 2011 as the Pumping and Testing Manager. Prior to working at Casedhole Solutions, Chris spent six years at a privately held stimulation and pumping company where he held positions in Technical Support and Sales Management. Chris graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2006 with a degree in Business Administration.

  • Patrick McKinley

    Vice President - Directional Services

    Pat joined C&J in May 2014 as Vice President – Directional Services. In this role Pat will focus on our directional drilling capability and its integration into our existing offerings, helping ensure that this new service is optimized as it relates to equipment best practices, corporate systems, facilities, personnel and new business opportunities. With over 30 years of oilfield experience, Pat has an extensive background and a successful track record in operations management, sales, drilling operations and project management with a focus on directional drilling, short-radius drilling, multilateral completions and completion technologies. Most recently, Pat served as executive vice president of the Americas for AGR FJ Brown Associates where he managed the consultancy operations, overseeing 80 consultants working globally on a wide range of projects and drilling campaigns, from shale plays in the U.S. to deepwater drilling initiatives in West Africa and South America. Previously, Pat was manager of U.S. drilling and completions for Tecpetrol Operating LLC, where he supervised operations in South Texas. Prior to holding that role, Pat spent more than 23 years with Schlumberger where he served in numerous management positions in land and offshore drilling operations, directional drilling and multilateral completions as well as business development.

  • Mark Cashiola

    Vice President – Controller, Chief Accounting Officer

    Mark joined C&J Energy Services, Inc. in January 2011 and has served as our Vice President - Controller and Chief Accounting Officer since July 2012. He has 14 years of U.S. GAAP and SEC reporting experience, the majority of which has been spent in the energy industry. Prior to joining the Company, Mark was Senior Controller for Precision Drilling Oilfield Services Corporation for two years and, before its acquisition by Precision, Mark was Assistant Controller for Grey Wolf, Inc. for four years. Mark began his career in public practice working for Arthur Andersen, L.L.P. and KPMG, L.L.P. for a combined six years, most recently as Audit Manager. He received a B.B.A. in Accounting from Texas A&M University and is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Texas.

  • Marty Kunz, SPHR

    Vice President - Human Resources

    Marty joined us as Vice President of Human Resources in July 2012.  He has over 20 years of Managerial and Human Resources experience, the majority of which have been spent in the Oil and Gas Industry.  Prior to joining C&J, Marty was the Vice President of Human Resources for Newpark Drilling Fluids for 5 ½ years.  From 2005 through 2007, he was with The Shaw Group, Inc. as Sr. Director of Human Resources for Shaw’s Environmental and Infrastructure Division. Marty started his career at Mustang Engineering, Inc. as their Sr. Director of Human Resources, a position he held for 11 years, where he managed the Human Resources function from inception through that company’s sale to The Wood Group. Marty brings to C&J extensive knowledge in all areas of human resources, including executive consulting, compensation, benefits, employee relations, mergers and acquisitions, International HR, career development, performance management and corporate ethics and compliance. Marty holds a B.B.A. degree from The University of Houston in Organizational Behavior and Management, as well as an M.A. from The University of Texas at Austin in Human Resource Development Leadership, and he is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).  He is an active member and former Board Member of the HR-Houston Professional Association, as well as an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

  • Dennis Murray, CSP

    Senior Director of HSE

    Dennis joined Casedhole Solutions in April 2012 as the Director of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental and was promoted to Sr. Director of Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) for C&J Energy Services in February 2012.  He has over 20 years managerial, quality, and HSE experience in the oil and gas industry.  He started his oilfield career with Sperry-Sun Drilling Services in December 1987 where he primarily focused on product design, manufacturing, and quality.  From October 1995 to April 1999, Dennis worked for Wedge Energy and was responsible for wireline equipment design, maintenance, and operations.  Dennis transitioned into safety in 2000 as a HSE Manager for Wood Group Logging Services.  From September 2005 through October 2011, Dennis served as Regional QHSE Manager for Smith/Schlumberger.  Before arriving at Casedhole Solutions, he served as Senior Safety Manager and Senior HSE Director for Pioneer Wireline and Key Energy.  Dennis has a B.S. Degree in Occupational Health & Safety and is a Board Certified Safety Professional (CSP).  He is a professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and active member of various safety organizations.

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