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Research & Technology

C&J's Research & Technology Center opened in November 2013. This technology-focused product development and manufacturing facility is designed to support and enhance our premium services, including fracturing, Casedhole Solutions-wireline, coiled tubing, and directional services, and drive technological advancement through product development initiatives. 

Within the C&J Research & Technology Center, experts in perforating, downhole and high-temperature electronics, data control, monitoring and acquisition, drilling tools and nuclear measurement collaborate to develop innovative solutions to our customers' wellsite challenges. 

Since its opening the center's capabilities have rapidly grown. Its 95,000 square feet includes advanced equipment and testing areas that include an electrical lab, a nuclear lab, a high-temperature pressure vessel and a flow loop area; dedicated manufacturing space; and more than eight machine tools. 

The center's capabilities allow C&J to speed up the product development process, including prototyping, qualifying and testing, to bring products and technological enhancements to the field in a shorter time than our competitors. This highly efficient, lean product development capability strengthens C&J's position as a technology leader, enabling C&J to expand its product offerings, increase service excellence and reduce costs. The Research & Technology Center achieved ISO 9001-2008 registration in April 2015.